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Forging, Casting, Plating, Restoration

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Metal creations


We take ideas and make them into metal. We can work from plans and drawings or we can work up ideas from conversations or sketches. Sometimes people just show us a space where they want a piece of furniture and we design something to suit.


We use a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques and often we use other materials such as wood, stone or glass.


If you have an idea, just contact us to chat it over. 0044 (0) 28 8674 7773


Bronze Casting


We have recently introduced Bronze Casting to the business with the help of the Creative Industries Innovation Fund.


Watch our blog for news of our first casting sessions.




We have recently set up a small plant for metal plating. We were grateful to the Arts Council for their support which allowed us to travel to London and get training from Alexey, the Russian plating master. We can now finish our work in nickel, copper or chrome.





Because we use traditional methods like forging and casting we can do restoration work. There is nothing better than breathing new life into a beautiful old railing or seat.




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