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Sculpted metal frame for a garden at Temple Street Children's Hospital

Temple Street Children's Hospital Metal flowers for Temple Street in the Irony workshop Temple Street Children's Hospital Hand painting the sculpture for Temple Street The Temple Street frame being put together in Irony Metalworks Temple Street Children's Hospital

We joined the rest of ‘The Garden Gang’ to create a children’s play area in Temple Street Hospital, one of the projects on Diarmuid’s Garden Designs for RTE.  The only available outdoor space is a tiny area below street level but Diarmuid had the most fantastic ideas for it.  So we set to work building a steel frame which was to fit exactly into the space. 

We made the roof for the play area out of metal flowers, hanging baskets shaped like planets and a zeppelin planted with strawberries.  It was all hand painted by our artist friend Tony Donnelly with the help of Adam and Matthew.

We brought it all down to a site just outside Dublin where we worked with the rest of the Garden Gang to fit it out with timber cladding, an aquarium, a working train set, a theatre, a castle and lots of secret cupboards.  It was early on a Sunday morning when we transported the whole thing in to Dublin and there were tense moments as a crane lifted the whole structure into place, but with some minor tinkering it all fitted.

Hopefully it will bring joy for many years to come to the children and their families who pass through the doors of Temple Street.

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