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The Irony metalworks story

Charlie Mallon used to work as a boilermaker but he gets easily bored. So he headed for Hereford to see if he could use some of his skills to train as a blacksmith.

He started off making gates and railings and the odd bit of agricultural machinery but pretty soon he got a bit bored of that too, so he started working on his own mad ideas.

After a few years of (fairly unsuccessful) craft fairs Irony started to get more and more work on bigger projects like hotels and some private houses, we started to get artists like Helen Heron who wanted to furnish her unique Round House with her own designs.


Then in 2007 Charlie was lucky enough to bump into Diarmuid Gavin, who recognised a kindred spirit and so the big adventures of Chelsea, Dirty Old Town and Temple Street began.


Irony has a workshop in Pomeroy, County Tyrone and an office in nearby Moneymore. The team, led by Charlie, includes Stevie and Adam in the workshop and Helen in the office.


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